Dellonda 4-6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Spa with Smart Pump - Wood Effect

  • • 4-6 Person hot tub spa. • Bubble jet massage system (140 jet holes). • No tools required for set up. Inflates in minutes using pump supplied. • Heating efficiency of 1.5-2.5°C per hour up to a maximum of 40°C (104°F). • Digital LED control panel. • Power saving temperature sensor automatically heats water back up to set temperature if the water temperature drops by 2°C. • Outer Dimensions (Ø x H): Ø204 x70cm • Inner Dimensions (Ø x H): Ø160 x70cm • Cable Length: 5.3m • Supplied with protective ground sheet, top cover with safety clips, 2 x filter cartridge, 1 x inflation hose, 1 x drain hose and 3 x 15cm connection hoses.

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    Ask a Question
    • Dear Sales Please advise if you sell you heating units separately? If so, please advise on cost, looking for one suitable for 4-6 person hot tub, understand this has dual 2kW Heater unit, thank you.

      Good morning,

      If you contact our support team directly, they will be able to assist you further.
      Their email is support@dellonda.co.uk

    • How many litres does 4-6 person hot tub hold

      Good morning,

      The Water Capacity is 1200L (264 gal)

    • I cannot connect a standard hose connector to the drain pipe on the 4-6 person hot tub. Is there an alternative way of connecting a hose pipe , or other method recommended to drain the hot tub ?

      Good afternoon,

      There should not be any problems with this. It doesn’t need a hose connected to the drain, you can just open the drain plug.
      The hose pipe is just advised so you can ensure the water drains in to a drain or away from the grass/surface it is on.

    • Good morning, Do your inflatable hot tubs have a cushioned base to make them comfortable to sit in? Many thanks.

      Good afternoon,

      The base is cushioned, but if you require extra comfort we do sell an inflatable cushion which is model number DL31.

    • Are these hot tubs cheap too run as just bought one and wondered on the cost I can expect a month?

      Good afternoon,

      There are a lot of variables that will impact the running costs of a hot tub such as the energy provider you are with, the time of day you are using it, if you are on an economy 7 rate etc.
      The Kwh on our hot tubs is 2.3kwh, so you can use this figure to work out the cost based on your rates and variables. I hope this helps. If you need further assistance, please contact our support team on support@dellonda.co.uk

    • Is the pump and lead waterproof? and can be left on/uncovered in all weather?

      Good morning,

      The pumps and leads are IPX5 certified so by description that indicates they “Can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray.”
      Basically, yes you can leave them outside but the cable should never become submersed in water, i.e don’t leave it laying in a pool of water.

    • How long does it take to heat up

      Good morning,

      There are a lot of variables for this, such as temperature of the water to begin with and ambient temperature will play a big part. The pumps are capable of heating at a rate of 1.5 - 2.5°C/hr varying based on water volume, temperature and ambient temperature.

    • What does 0 with / through it mean in dimensions ?

      Good morning, this means diameter.

    • Can this be plugged into my outdoor socket?

      Good morning,

      Yes these can be plugged into an outdoor socket.

    • What is the power rating for heating and pump?

      Good morning,

      For heating and filtering: 1540W (Water Temp: 20°C), Bubbling: 650W, Filtering: 40W

    • can i plug into a normal plug socket?

      Good morning,

      Yes these are 230V and can therefore be used in a regular plug socket.

    • Does it tell you what chemical are needed for the hot tub and does it come with maintenance instructions? Thank you

      Good afternoon,

      Our support team will be able to offer you more information on this matter. Their email is support@dellonda.co.uk

    • How long is the power lead?

      Good morning,

      The cable length is 5.3m.

    • How deep is the tub when full?

      Good morning,

      The overall dimensions are as follows;
      Outer Dimensions (Ø x H): Ø204 x70cm, Inner Dimensions (Ø x H): Ø160 x70cm

    • What is the width of this?

      Good morning,

      Outer Dimensions (Ø x H): Ø204 x70cm. Inner Dimensions (Ø x H): Ø160 x70cm.

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