Portable Wood-Fired 14" Pizza Oven and Smoking Oven, Black/Stainless Steel - DG10

    • Great Food - Ideal for cooking/smoking pizza, fish, meat, vegetables and much more, put the fun into cooking a variety of foods, outside!
    • Portable Size - Hinged legs and a removable chimney for fast install/breakdown makes this 14kg lightweight oven portable and great for garden use.
    • Quick Use - Ready to cook in just 10-15 minutes and up to 14" sized pizzas can be done in approximately 60 seconds.
    • Cooked Perfectly - The cordierite pizza stone included absorbs heat quickly and holds it in helping to bake your homemade pizza from below keeping your pizza bases perfectly crisp.
    • Efficient Fuel - The oven uses either charcoal or efficient and sustainable hard wood pellets. Feed the fuel through the back hopper, a quick and easy method meaning more time to enjoy with the family, its a beautiful bit of kit!
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    Ask a Question
    • What size is the pizza peel included with the 14 inch pizza oven? Is it big enough for a 14 inch pizza?

      The maximum size pizza you can cook with the DG10 is 14inch.

    • Hi Is the pizza oven wall insulated? or is it a single skin. Many Thanks Dan

      Theres an insulated wall inside the pizza oven which can be seen from the photos.

    • Does the oven come with the pizza paddle?

      The Dellonda DG10 portable wood fired Pizza Oven and Smoking Oven in either black or stainless steel does come with a pizza paddle.

    • When delivered, is it obvious from the packaging what it is? I’m ordering it as a gift but don’t want my husband to know what’s inside, so will get it delivered to another family member if it’s possible to tell. Thanks

      The items packaging does show the contents of the package, we are unable to offer a gift-wrapping service. 

      Best Regards 
      Team Dellonda

    • Do you have a Video explaining how to use a Pizza Oven and maintain the perfect temperature?

      We have created a How to use your Pizza Oven video on Youtube

    • How should I clean the inside of the oven?? And how often?

      We would simply advise cleaning the inside of the oven with a stiff bristled brush. You could even use a portable vacuum once the item has cooled. 

      We would advise cleaning the oven after each use.

    • Do you need to get a stone base to place the pizza oven on or can the legs sit directly on a table?

      Good morning,

      It depends what kind of table it is. We state the below in our instructions:

      DO NOT use this oven on any other flammable surfaces.
      Ensure that the oven is positioned at least 2 metres away from flammable items.

    • Do you get a warranty with this item? How long does the warranty last?

      Good morning,

      Our pizza ovens come with 12 months warranty.

    • Could you tell the depth from the front to the back legs please? Trying to work out minimum size the base would need to be to stand it on. Many thanks.

      Good morning,

      The dimensions of this pizza oven are: 442mm(W) x 820mm(D) x 745mm(H).

    • Can I ask how much fuel the oven needs to heat up? Thank you!

      Good morning,

      This is very subjective as it depends on the fuel source that you use. This pizza oven can be used with wood pellets, hardwood or charcoal, and the amount needed of each one will be different. To begin with we would say to fill the tray 3/4 and then add more if and when you need to.

    • when will you have the black pizza oven available?

      Good morning,

      We are expecting a delivery in the next few days.

    • Please describe how to get the fire hot enough? I have used firelighters with pellets: hard wood: soft wood: a combination ... very occasionally I can get the temperature to 250 plus but only for a few minutes before it plummets. Adding pellets stops the flames and this thing works on flames not heat. A video to show would be great?

      Good Morning

      We can offer some assistance with this we appreciate they take some getting used to but it’s a process or trial and error until you find a method which suits you.

      I can advise couple of tips on oven temperature for you, to get a good amount of airflow into the oven its best to make sure the oven is positioned so it can use as much air as it can to create the right amount of heat, it is also recommended to use a mix of hard wood, wood pellets and fine kindling and fire lighters to get the fire going. We would recommend once the oven is at the desired temperature to keep topping the unit up with pellets through the easy hatch or the temperature will drop.

      The Pizza Stone would take 20-30 minutes of heating to be sufficiently hot enough for cooking.  Cooking at around 250C should be plenty to get a quick cooking time. A lot of our customers also like to use a laser thermometer on the Pizza Stone to check the heat of this prior to cooking.

      Another thing to consider is the thickness of the base of the Pizza. The thicker the base the longer it will take to cook all the way through and also if there is a lot of topping then you will also need to cook it for longer. So it may be worth playing around with base thickness and toppings to find a cooking method which suits you.

      I hope the above proves to be useful, if there is anything else we can assist with please advise. 

      Kind Regards (Team Dellonda).

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