Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven and Smoking Oven, Stainless Steel - DG11

    • Great Food - Ideal for cooking/smoking pizza, fish, meat, vegetables and much more!
    • Portable Size - Hinged legs and removable chimney for fast install/breakdown making the oven portable and great for garden usage. Quick Use - Ready to cook in just 10-15 minutes and up to 14" pizzas can be done in approximately 60 seconds.
    • Cooked Perfectly - The cordierite pizza stone included absorbs heat quickly and holds it in helping to bake your homemade pizza from below.
    • Efficient Fuel - The oven uses either charcoal or efficient and sustainable hard wood pellets.
    • Maximum Temperature: 350 - 380°C. Due to the heat some fuels burn at you may see some discolouration around the firebox. This is not a product fault; please refer to the instructions for further information.
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    Ask a Question
    • What is the depth from the front opening to the end of the wooden handle at the back? I need it to place it on my table which backs onto a wall in a limited space. Thanks.

      Good morning,

      We do not have those measurements, however we would like to point out that in the instructions for setup, it is stated that the pizza oven must have a 2 metre clearance overhead, as well as a 2 metre clearance from all other objects and surrounding areas from all directions, therefore we would advise that if space is limited and the 2 metre clearance cannot be provided, this model is not used.

    • What are the dimensions from leg to leg - width and length? What size surface does this need to stand on?

      Good morning,
      The dimensions are: 442mm(W) x 820mm(D) x 745mm(H).
      It needs to be placed on a strong, flat and sturdy surface while in use.

    • Are Pizza ovens better than normal ovens?

      The Dellonda portable wood-fired pizza & smoking oven is ideal for cooking/smoking fish, meat, vegetables, pizza and so much more. It is ready to cook in just 10-15 minutes and cooks up to 14" pizzas in approx. 60 seconds due to the maximum temp of 350 - 380°C.

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