4 Burner Portable Gas Plancha 10kW BBQ Griddle, Stainless Steel - DG23

    • Portable Gas Cooking - Plancha bbq grill with four stainless steel burners gives even heat distribution. Use in the garden, travel or camping trips.
    • Cook Delicious - Plancha cooking uses low-fat, high-heating cooking with no flare-ups. Ideal for all kinds of food such as eggs, pancakes, sausages, salmon, steak, vegetables and so much more.
    • Simple to Use - Piezo ignition ensures a safe and easy start-up every time, just press the button, no matches needed.
    • Easy to Clean - Just wipe down the large enamel non stick surface after use and the drip tray removes any excess liquids.
    • Compact Size - (W x D x H): 830 x 470 x 240mm. Supplied with regulator and hose assembly for use with propane patio gas bottles. 3.5mm high quality steel cooking plate with an enamel coating. Cooking Area (W x D): 755 x 360mm. Power: 10kW (2.5kW per burner).
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    Ask a Question
    • I have the 4 burner model. Can the heat deflector plate be removed to allow the cooking surface to get hotter? I find it does not get hot enough to quickly sear food

      We would advise not to remove the heat deflector as this could cause further issues and invalidate your warranty.

    • Can I use metal utensils when cooking (i.e. metal spatulas)?

      Yes, please see the video on our website which shows what can be used.

    • What can you use to clean the enamel plates?

      Soak several paper towels with water, and roll them up together like a cigar. Using a pair of tongs to hold paper towels, rub surface of plancha to remove residue. Use a mild soapy water solution. Non-abrasive scouring powder can be used on stubborn stains then rinse with water.
      Use mild detergent or baking soda and hot water solution. Non-abrasive scouring powder can be used on stubborn stains, then rinse with water. This applies to all of our Plancha grills DG21, DG22 & DG23.

    • Does this come with a standard patio gas regulator like a typical large bbq?

      Good afternoon,

      Our Grills and BBQs come with a Push Type Regulator suitable for use with Propane Gas Bottles.

    • Hi can the flat plate surface be changed for a grill so the gas flames are exposed???

      Good morning,

      We have double checked with the supplier in reference to your query and they have said that they do not recommend the suggested modification.

    • Can the gas hose come in from the right and how long is the hose?

      Good morning,

      After checking the structure of the DG23, the gas inlet connector is on left side and cannot be changed.
      The hose length is 80cm.

    • Good Morning Could you please tell me the material the cooking surface on the Dellonda 4 Burner Portable Gas Plancha Grill BBQ is manufactured from. Regards Alan Brown

      Good afternoon,

      The cooking surface on this grill has an enamel coating. If you would like more information, you can contact our support team directly at support@dellonda.co.uk and they can provide more specific details for you.

    • Hi, can in use a 5kg gas cylinder with the four burner's or would it have to be a 13kg cylinder. Thanks

      Good morning,

      There is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to use a 5kg with all four burners, however this will limit how long you will be able to use it.

    • Hi, Very interested in ordering this Plancha. Could you please tell me the Plancha temperature range it is capable of? Most interested in the highest surface temp. Thanks Mark

      Hello Mark, this is a difficult question to answer and in general hobs, griddles and planchas are measured in kW rather than a temperature range, however this 10kW Plancha has been tested to 320°C.
      I hope that answers your question.

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