Baridi Beer Dispenser 5L Keg Universal Tap Pump Machine with Integrated Cooling

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• Universal fitting for all 5L beer kegs. • Thermoelectric cooling technology chills beer to as low as 4°C. • Keeps beer fresh for up to 30 days. • Removable drip tray with raised lip helps prevent spillage. • LED temperature gauge. • Operates using standard 16g CO2 canisters. • Modern stainless steel and black design. • Supplied with 3 x 16g CO2 canisters and universal attachment kit to fit all 5L kegs.

Weight: 8.2 kg

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Ask a Question
  • where can I get spare co2 cartridges?

    Good afternoon,

    You can buy them by searching on Amazon or Google. The ones you need are the the unthreaded 16g CO2 cartridges.

  • There’s too much head on every pint we pour, even with the dial on the lowest setting. Why is this?

    Good morning,

    There are several variables that could result in this, from the angle of the glass during pouring to the particular keg you have being overly gassy. We would suggest trying a different keg of beer and holding the glass at a different angle. If these do not resolve the issue, you can get in touch directly with our support team who can assist you further. You can contact them at

  • Hi. If you are using mega that are already gas charged do you not need to use the gas canisters? We have tried Budweiser and Doombar and it comes out with far too much head, like half a pint. Thankyou

    Good morning,

    If you are using a pre-charged keg you do not need to use an additional CO2 canister.

  • Should you leave the co2 turned on all the time when keg is in machine or just add when needed and turn off? Can spare parts be ordered if needed?

    Good morning,

    The CO2 should only engage when the tap is pulled.
    There are a full list of spares available. You can contact our team directly at and they will be able to assist you further.

  • Can you use 2litre kegs with this machine ? There isn’t a large amount of 5 litre kegs seems to just be 2 6 or 8l

    The DH49 Baridi Beer Dispenser will not use 2L kegs, but 5L kegs are commonly used. Search for 5L beer kegs on Google or visit one of the specific beer sellers for more information.

  • How often, on average, would you need to change a CO2 capsule, for example one every keg?

    A canister should last at least 1 x 5L keg, but will definitely not last for 2 whole kegs.

  • What type and make kegs does it take

    This Beer dispenser tap has a universal fitting so will fit all brands of 5L keg. The unit is supplied with easy fit adaptors for kegs that are already gas charged, and also comes with a beer tube assembly that links to the internal gas supply for kegs that are not gas charged.

  • I am struggling to find where I can buy 5L beer kegs to go with this, where can I get these?

    5L beer kegs are very commonly used and available now, search 5L beer keg on Google and you will find multiple online stores selling these. You can also find these in supermarkets but that will be dictated by SKU’s that your local supermarket stocks.

  • How many kegs is it compatible with and do you have a list? Do you need to purchase components on the last page or does this come with it?

    5L kegs are commonly used, search for 5L beer kegs on Google or visit one of the specific beer sellers for more information. All components pictured are supplied with the unit, this includes 3 x 16g CO2 canisters and everything you need to fit all designs of 5L beer keg.

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