36L Portable Car Fridge, Freezer, 12/24/230V Dual Zone Compressor - DL13

    • Large Capacity - 36L portable compressor fridge freezer cool box, plenty of room for a small party or picnic to use.
    • Enjoy the Outdoors - Ideal for long road trips, camping or fishing trips, caravan holidays and general travel use. Fitted with two wheels and handle for easy manoeuvrability.
    • Battery or Mains Compatible - Supplied with an AC to DC adaptor, giving you the option to use at home as well in your vehicle with a 12V battery. 3.5 metre DC power cable included. The low power consumption is only Power Consumption: 0.3kWh / 24hr.
    • Dual Zone Design - Meaning you can control the temperature of each zone individually, with both compartments ranging from -20°C to 20°C. Each zone can be a fridge or freezer for storing many types of food and it includes grid baskets so you can easily get to food. An electronic thermostat with LED digital temperature display makes it easy to adjust and monitor the temperature.
    • Fits in any Car Boot - External Product Dimensions (W x D x H): 723 x 360 x 368mm. Maximum Internal Product Dimensions (W x D x H): 550 x 270 x 285mm.
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    • What is the Litre capacity for the freezer box and the fridge/cooler box

      The left compartment is 250 (h) x 230 (w) x 270mm (d) The right compartment is 250 or 90 (h) (dual height) x 290 (w) x 270mm (d)   

      The central divider can be removed to make one larger compartment of  (W x D x H): 550 x 270 x 285mm.

    • In a previous question, you answered "To preserve the battery, you will need to select the "L" option." This seems to conflict with the provided manual which states "The default setting for battery protection is High (H). This value should be set when the unit is drawing power from the car battery". Can you please advise what voltage each setting applies protection against, as it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere online or in the manual? Thanks!

      The current voltage will be displayed on the screen for models DL13, DL14 & DL15.

      This will then help you choose between the low medium and high settings to choose which is the best option.

    • Where are the fridges manufactured

      Good afternoon,

      These are manufactured in China.

    • Hi , does this have any battery protection to avoid draining a battery? Thank you

      Good morning,
      Please see the following;

      Power on, and press "SET" button for 3 seconds until it appears ”L”, “ M” or “H” (Low, Medium and High).
      Press the “SET” button to choose from the three stages of car battery protection.

      To preserve the battery, you will need to select the "L" option.

    • Hi can you tell me the power output of the fridge . Thanks

      The Power Rating for our DL13 Fridge/Freezer Cool Box is 60W and the Power Consumption is 0.3kWh/24hr.

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