60L Portable Car Fridge/Freezer, 12/24/230V Dual Zone Compressor - DL15

    • 60L Portable compressor fridge freezer cool box ideal for long road trips, camping trips and general travel use.
    • Lightweight and compact design allowing you the flexibility to take with you anywhere you go.
    • Supplied with an AC to DC adaptor, giving you the option to use at home as well in your vehicle.
    • 3.5m DC power cable included.
    • Fully insulated anti-vibration design aids performance. Features an electronic thermostat with LED digital temperature display making it easy to adjust and monitor the temperature of your fridge freezer. Fitted with two wheels and handle for easy manoeuvrability. Dual zone design means you can control the temperature of each zone individually, with both compartments ranging from -20°C to +20°C. Refrigerant: R1234yf. Control panel features USB output port for on-the-go charging. External Product Dimensions (W x D x H): 723 x 360 x 548mm. Maximum Internal Product Dimensions (W x D x H): 550 x 270 x 465mm.
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    Ask a Question
    • Hello ! Can it be transported on the side !?

      The item will need to be kept horizontal when it is running

      If the item is not running, it can be transported on its side, but before it can be plugged in and used again, it would need to stand on a level surface for 6 hours.

    • What exact voltage level is required for the fridge to operate?

      The power rating is 60W

    • Does the DC cable supplied connect into a 12v accessory outlet in a car without any additional adaptors?

      The cool box is supplied with an AC to DC adaptor, giving you the option to use at home as well in your vehicle, so you would not require any adaptors.

    • What is the noise level?

      I can confirm the noise level for this item is: 43dB

    • Could you please let me know the internal dimensions for each compartment on the 60L model?

      The internal dimensions of the 60L DL15 model are as follows:-

      Internal (w x d x h).............550 x 270 x 465mm

    • How much does this weigh in KGs, Thanks

      This item weighs 22kg

    • What is the weight of the cooler? What is its energy rating?

      The Power Consumption is: 60W
      Weight: 22kg

    • What is the peak wattage please?

      Good morning,

      It has a continual maximum wattage of 60W.

    • Will it run on 110V like in america?

      Good afternoon,

      These come with adaptors so they can either be used via your car’s 12V socket or plugged in at home.


    • What is the power consumption of the 60 liter fridge / freezer.

      Good morning,

      The Power Consumption is: 0.25kWh / 24hr.

    • Where are the fridges made

      Our current range of portable fridge/freezer cool boxes are manufactured in China.

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